Where the future action is: The Intralogistics Event Calendar 2024

2024 will be an exciting and trend-setting year for the intralogistics scene. Direct exchange at trade fairs and intralogistics trade fairs has never been more important. But which ones are really worth a visit? Our 2024 intralogistics event calendar will help.

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Logistics & Automation Bern (January)

Start date: 24.01.2024
End date:
Location: Bern, Switzerland

The slogan "The future of intralogistics technology" says it all: the latest technologies, innovations and trends in the logistics sector await you at Logistics & Automation Bern. The focus is on automated warehouse and conveyor technology, infrastructure and picking and packing solutions.

A top-class lecture program with renowned experts rounds off the experience. You will learn how to integrate the latest intralogistics technology into end-to-end (automated) solutions and how to meet outsourcing requirements in logistics.

Topic Focus:  

  • Automation for logistics and packaging
  • Intelligent systems and technologies (such as supply chain intelligence, warehouse management systems, applied artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain in logistics)
  • System integrators
  • Logistics real estate

Intralogistica (January)

Start date: 24.01.2024
End date: 26.01.2024
Location: Warsaw, Poland

INTRALOGISTICA Poland Expo provides an overview of hardware and software offerings in the field of warehouse and logistics systems. For three days, Ptak Warsaw Expo will be a Central European technology center for intralogistics. From the optimization of logistics processes to inventory and supply chain management to automation and robots for warehouse operations - this trade fair presents the entire spectrum. Software for searching for or marking stored materials, labeling, load packaging and equipment for internal transport will also be presented.

Topic Focus:  

  • Storage systems and equipment
  • Automation and robotics
  • Intralogistics software
  • Design and consulting in intralogistics
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Health and safety in the warehouse
  • Financing: Leasing and banking services
  • Training for employees in handling warehouse equipment

FAL Forum Automotive Logistics (February)

Start date: 28.02.2024
End date: 29.02.2024
Location: Daimler Truck, Wörth am Rhein, Germany  

With the theme "All Electric - Logistics in the New Era of Mobility," the Automotive Logistics Forum emphasizes the strategic direction towards the future of personal transportation. Electromobility has firmly established itself in key markets such as China, Europe, and North America. The intense competition for leadership in electric mobility, coupled with challenges related to the scarcity of raw materials, semiconductors, and battery cells, introduces unprecedented complexities for logistics, particularly in the realm of intralogistics.

In addition, legislative initiatives like "Fit for 55," the "Critical Raw Materials Act," and the "Net Zero Industry Act" bring forth additional regulatory demands. Aiming for 50 percent of critical components to be locally sourced necessitates a comprehensive transformation across the entire industry. This transformation prompts fundamental questions, the answers to which pose a significant challenge for the forum in 2024. The forum's objectives are to deliberate on solutions for the supply chain in the context of new mobility and to generate thought-provoking ideas for the industry's development.

• How can transparency be ensured down to the raw material level?

• How is the supply of battery cells and semiconductors secured?

• What are the transportation methods for battery cells?  

Topic Focus:  

  • How can transparency be guaranteed right down to the raw material level?
  • How is the supply of battery cells and semiconductors secured?
  • What are the transportation methods for battery cells?

31st German Material Flow Congress 2024 (February)

Start date: 29.02.2024
End date: 01.03.2024
Location: Munich, Germany

The 31st German Material Flow Congress 2024 is dedicated to exploring the pivotal themes of artificial intelligence and robotics, increasingly crucial in shaping the landscape of the logistics industry. The integration of these technologies empowers companies to enhance the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of their logistics processes. Scheduled to occur from February 29 to March 1, 2024, the congress will be hosted at Munich University of Applied Sciences.

While artificial intelligence and robotics stand as central themes, the congress will also delve into various other intralogistics topics. It provides manufacturers, users, planners, consultants, and experts with a platform to share insights derived from both research and practical applications. Active participation in shaping the program through presentation proposals is encouraged.

Topic Focus:‍

  • Automation and autonomy in intralogistics
  • Technology trends from R&D and industry
  • Modernization of existing systems
  • Circular Economy
  • Change in the world of work
  • Innovative start-up ideas
  • Urban logistics and production
  • Lighthouse projects
  • Supply chain management and material flow systems

R-24 Robotics, Automation and Drones (March)

Start date: 13.03.2024
End date: 15.03.2024
Location: Odense, Denmark  

The R-24 event will highlight the latest robotics and drone technologies as well as practical applications in large and small companies from a wide range of industries. This is where the entire robotics community comes together and inspires visitors on how they too can optimize their company and prepare it for the future.

Modex (March)

Start date: 11.03.2024
End date: 14.03.2024
Location: Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA

MODEX 2024 stands as a pivotal international trade fair within the global supply chain and intralogistics industry. Spanning over 55,000 square meters, the event provides a comprehensive platform for visitors to delve into the solutions presented by over 1,000 leading manufacturing and goods supplying companies in the manufacturing and supply chain sector. With four keynotes and 150 seminars, MODEX delivers a robust informational program.

Visitors to MODEX have the unique opportunity to explore the full spectrum of modern solutions for their operational challenges and engage in meaningful exchanges with industry professionals hailing from over 140 countries.

As the organizing company, MHI hosts two of the world's largest trade fairs for material flow and logistics, namely MODEX and ProMAT, occurring alternately each year.

LogiMAT (March)

Start date: 19.03.2024
End date: 21.03.2024
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

LogiMAT stands out as the premier annual intralogistics trade fair in Europe. It serves as a prominent highlight for companies aiming to enhance their internal material flow and IT control across the entire spectrum, from procurement to production and delivery. Positioned as the central event in Europe, LogiMAT not only sets industry standards but also, as the foremost international trade fair, provides a comprehensive market overview and facilitates expert knowledge transfer.  

LogiMAT places a distinct emphasis on essential technologies for intralogistics solutions and process management. This positioning makes it an indispensable platform for companies seeking to remain current in this domain and explore innovative solutions.

Topic Focus:

  • Sustainability
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Ergonomics

You can find SYNAOS in Hall 6, Booth number 6C31. We look forward to meeting you there and engaging in conversation with you!

IntralogisteX (March)

Start date: 19.03.2024
End date: 20.03.2024
Location: NEC Birmingham, Great Britain  

IntralogisteX guarantees a comprehensive program for over 350 exhibiting companies and 8,000 guests, featuring more than 60 presentations and seminars. Participants can anticipate an amalgamation of three trade fairs, complemented by the Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition and Robotics & Automation.  

IntralogisteX is tailored for logistics professionals seeking solutions to current and future challenges, such as the latest technologies in material handling and comprehensive warehouse automation options. Specifically designed for pragmatic logistics experts and managers in warehousing, distribution, and IT, this event addresses the practical needs of industry professionals.

Intralogistics Robotics & Automation (March)

Start date: 19.03.2024
End date: 21.03.2024
Location: Paris, France

Intralogistics Robotics & Automation is a trade fair dedicated to material handling technology in both industrial and distribution settings. Its thematic focus converges on encompassing all material handling equipment and automated systems designed to optimize and streamline the physical movements within the realms of supply, production, and distribution.  

The event unites professionals from the transport and logistics industry. Spanning three days, participants include experts from transportation, the logistics chain, associations, as well as economic and political stakeholders. Together, they showcase current goods and future innovations, presenting a comprehensive array of logistics and transportation solutions.

SITL Transport and Logistics Innovation Week (March)

Start date: 19.03.2024
End date: 21.03.2024
Location: Paris, France

SITL, established by shippers for shippers, stands as the premier event in the transport and logistics industry. Across three days, it convenes all stakeholders in the sector, showcasing the latest market developments and innovative solutions geared towards enhancing the competitiveness of companies. The most recent edition of SITL, featuring 485 exhibitors and approximately 150 conferences, concluded with resounding success, characterized by dynamism and a close alignment with the needs of industry professionals. This achievement is attributed to effective collaboration, solidifying SITL's status as a benchmark event for innovation in the industry.

Smart Manufacturing World Summit (April)

Start date: 03.04.2024
End date: 05.04.2024
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

At this summit, learn more about the ongoing industrial development that continues to move towards the integration of digital technologies, automation and data exchange. The innovative possibilities of AI in research, development and production open up a vision of the future that heralds a new era of collaboration between humans and machines.  

Discover the latest trends in industrial development at this summit, where the convergence of digital technologies, automation, and data exchange is reshaping the landscape.

Key topics:  

  • Circular economy and sustainable business
  • Bridging the gap between theory and application
  • Automation/Industry 4.0: Transformation of the manufacturing landscape
  • Industry 5.0

Test Camp Intralogistics (April)

Start date: 10.04.2024
End date: 11.04.2024
Location: Dortmund, Germany

The motto here is: "Practice-oriented testing of innovations in warehouse and material flow technology".

Embark on a hands-on exploration of the latest advancements in warehouse and material flow technology at TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS, an event accompanied by a congress. Our motto is "Practice-oriented testing of innovations in warehouse and material flow technology."

Experience over 100 innovations from around 60 exhibitors in a 10,000-square-meter hall space. From forklift rides and exoskeletons to engaging with driverless transport vehicles and logistics robots, dive into the forefront of technological breakthroughs.  

Decision-makers from industry, trade, and services can immerse themselves in intensive testing of exhibits and stay updated on current trends through expert insights. The TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS also hosts the exclusive IFOY TEST DAYS, where the finalists of the IFOY AWARDS undergo rigorous testing.  

New from 2024: Special test area Mobile Robotics

The TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS is being expanded to include a Mobile Robotics Conference and a special test area. On April 10 and 11, 2024, everything will revolve around mobile robotics on 2,000 square meters of test space in Hall 4 at Messe Dortmund. The exhibiting companies will be grouped around the highlight of the TEST CAMP: the AGV Mesh-Up from the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association, which celebrated its world premiere in Dortmund in 2020.

The AGV Mesh-Up will once again set new standards in intralogistics this year. The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) will control the heterogeneous robot fleet as the central master controller. Experience the interaction of hardware and software live and in color! Using the standardized communication interface VDA 5050, the IMP controls mobile robots (AGVs & AMRs) independently of the manufacturer.    

If you already use mobile robots or are considering doing so, you've come to the right place. Here you can find more information about this year's AGV Mesh-Up during automatica in Munich.

Hanover Fair (April)

Start date: 22.04.2024
End date: 26.04.2024
Location: Hanover, Germany  

"Energizing a Sustainable Industry" is the slogan for Hannover Messe 2024. As one of the world's most important industrial trade fairs, it presents solutions from companies in the mechanical engineering, electrical and digital industries as well as the energy sector. Over 4,000 companies have been announced. They form a networked industrial ecosystem that demonstrates how electrification, digitalization and automation can contribute to achieving climate neutrality.

The exhibition themes of Hannover Messe 2024 cover pressing challenges such as climate change, energy shortages, disrupted supply chains and skills shortages. The trade fair is a platform where companies present innovative approaches to meet these challenges and shape a sustainable industry.

Topic Focus:  

  • Robotics in the smart factory
  • New materials and processes that revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes
  • Pioneering technologies for a sustainable, efficient industry

Logistics & Innovation Fair FUTURE Logistics (May)

Note: Website is not yet updated for 2024.

Start date: 14.05.2024
End date:
Location: Duisburg, Germany

The FUTURE logistics took place for the second time on May 4, 2023, featuring 30 exhibitors showcasing innovative logistics solutions to approximately 300 visitors in a vibrant atmosphere. The on-site parallel stage program at the Duisburg Inland Shipping Museum and the newly introduced Foodmarket with live music and frozen yogurt for networking were particularly popular. The goal of the fair is to connect startups with companies and investors in the logistics and supply chain sectors, driving innovations into industry applications. The FUTURE logistics innovation fair was organized by startport GmbH, a subsidiary of the Duisburg Port.

Logistics & Automation Dortmund (May)

Start date: 15.05.2024
End date: 16.05.2024
Location: Dortmund, Germany  

LOGISTICS & AUTOMATION enables visitors to experience the entire intralogistics value chain. From conveyor technology and sorting systems to warehouse equipment, automated solutions and e-logistics, the event offers a diverse range that appeals to companies and users from all branches of industry.  

LOGISTICS & AUTOMATION is an ideal starting point for professional networking in the Dortmund and Hamburg regions. At the same time, the EMPACK trade fair presents solutions for the packaging industry. This combination gives you a compact overall picture of the processes at the end of the production chain.

Logistics Future Lab 2024 (June)

Start date: 05.06.2024
End date: 05.06.2024
Location: Linz, Austria

This event offers a deep insight into trends, developments and changing framework conditions that will drive innovation in the supply chain and logistics. Immerse yourself in the near future with keynote speeches by Christian Holzleiter (European Commission) and Teodoro Cocca (Johannes Kepler University Linz). In-depth specialist sequences will cover topics such as the challenges for domestic companies, the future of road freight transport and the integration of robotics in intralogistics.

You can expect presentations and a trade exhibition with solution providers from the fields of IT & technology, transportation & infrastructure, freight forwarding, research & development and consulting. The Logistics Future Lab 2024 offers the opportunity to meet all key stakeholders of the consumers (industry, trade) as well as providers of corresponding solutions (freight forwarding, integrated service providers, technology & IT, education & research).  

Representatives from the supply chain and logistics, experts in procurement, production, warehousing and transportation logistics, IT and technology managers as well as C-level executives can exchange information on the current economic situation and discuss future developments.

31st Austrian Logistics Day (June)

Start date: 06.06.2024
End date: 06.06.2024
Location: Linz, Austria

It brings together 60 speakers, 50 exhibiting companies and newcomers as well as 700 experts - a multifaceted networking event that brings the industry together.  

The event framework is diverse and includes keynote speeches, in-depth specialist sequences and a specialist exhibition of solution providers from the fields of IT & technology, transportation & infrastructure, freight forwarding, research & development and consulting. The exchange of ideas and innovations is encouraged here.

Logistics & Automation Hamburg (June)

Start date: 12.06.2024
End date: 13.06.2024
Location: Hamburg, Germany  

See Logistics & Automation Dortmund

The Battery Show Europe (June)

Start date: 18.06.2024
End date: 20.06.2024
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

At the Battery Show Europe, you will have the opportunity to meet experts from the battery manufacturing industry and an interested trade audience under one roof. The latest developments in battery and electric vehicle technology will be explored together.

At Europe's largest trade fair for battery technology, you will have access to state-of-the-art technologies from over 800 companies along the entire supply chain and can find out about the latest market innovations. Topics such as reduced manufacturing costs and battery efficiencies will be in the spotlight. Live product demonstrations with the latest battery technology will give guests the opportunity to delve even deeper into the subject matter.

Networking is also a top priority here. Tap into the combined expertise of the thought leaders in the battery and electric vehicle industry!

Another important focus will be on knowledge transfer: Explore the Open Tech Forum or take part in over 20 panel discussions and live demonstrations.

IAA Transportation (September)

Start date: 17.09.2024
End date: 22.09.2024
Location: Hanover, Germany

The IAA Transportation 2024 is the world's leading trade fair for mobility, transportation, commercial vehicles and logistics. It opens its doors at the Hannover Exhibition Center for the automotive commercial vehicle world. With its unique profile of innovations, international exhibitors from a wide range of industries and discussions, the IAA Transportation offers a comprehensive range of topics. In addition, the organizers are actively committed to sustainability and climate protection in the transport industry.

Topic Focus:  

  • Innovation leader for sustainability: Under the motto "People And Goods On The Move", the IAA Transportation aims to promote climate neutrality in logistics and transportation. Commercial vehicle and bus manufacturers, logistics companies, micromobility providers and start-ups will be presenting their pioneering solutions here
  • Four event elements: The IAA Transportation 2024 offers a unique structure with the IAA Exhibition, IAA Exchange, IAA Experience and IAA Excite. International exhibitors present their innovations, experts share their ideas, trade visitors can interactively get involved in the action and exhibitors present use cases in the transportation sector
  • CO2 balancing for exhibitors: In cooperation with our partner myclimate, exhibitors have the opportunity to balance their CO2 footprint and invest the calculated emissions in climate protection projects

Logistics Summit & Mobile Robotics Summit (October)

Start date: 09.10.1024
End date: 10.10.2024
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany  

The Logistics Summit is entering the next round, this time combining with the Mobile Robotics Summit to present concentrated logistics and intralogistics power in one place. This event focuses on digitalization, innovation and networking in the fields of logistics, intralogistics and transport.

You can look forward to top-class specialist presentations, exciting discussion panels and interactive workshops led by industry experts. The exhibition area also offers the opportunity to get to know leading innovative companies and up-and-coming newcomers who will be presenting pioneering solutions.

A special premiere awaits you this year at the Mobile Robotics Summit with the AGV Mesh-Up. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the live control of a heterogeneous fleet of mobile robots up close - controlled by the SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform.

BVL Supply Chain CX (formerly DLK) (October)

Start date: 23.10.2024
End date: 25.10.2024
Location: Berlin, Germany

The former German Logistics Congress - now BVL Supply Chain CX - will open its doors under a new name, with a new format and at a new venue in October. BVL used the past year and the 40th German Logistics Congress to gather feedback from guests and members for a new format.

BVL Supply Chain CX stands for an innovative congress and exhibition concept that moves with the times. Visitors are offered a forum that enables the exchange of knowledge and experience and encourages and demands joint shaping of the logistics agenda for the coming years. More than 2,000 participants will benefit from top-class specialist presentations and fruitful networking.

As a BVL member, SYNAOS will also be on site and will present the Intralogistics Management Platform in the exhibition area.

SPS - smart production solutions (November)

Start date: 12.11.2024
End date: 14.11.2024
Location: Nuremberg, Germany

As an international trade fair for industrial automation, SPS covers the entire spectrum of intelligent and digital automation. In recent years, SPS has recorded encouraging growth in both exhibitor and visitor numbers.  

Topic Focus:  

  • Control technology
  • Electrical drive technology
  • Software & IT in production
  • Operation and monitoring
  • Industrial communication
  • Mechanical infrastructure
  • Interface technology
  • Industrial PCs
  • Sensor technology

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