Our Order &
Process Management
leads to unprecedented efficiency gains

Shopfloors are dynamic, Test resources are connected, but scheduling is still irregular and based on rigid rules and assumptions. Why not use available data to adapt immediately to changes, optimize continuously and find the best solution for the current real world situation? This is exactly what our Order & Process Management does - up to 250,000 times per second!
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Main benefits

Increase efficiency by up to 20%
Save up to 30% on transportation
Immediately adapt to changes

How it works

All your process- and order-related requirements and available data flow together in our system. This always results in the optimal solution.


Better performance comes from better decisions. Our order optimization ensures that the best decisions are made for your intralogistics operations to maximize efficiency.

Optimization Criteria Setting

Set your objectives so that our algorithms find the solutions that match your priorities.

Batching/ Clustering

Orders are consolidated to minimize the number of required movements.


Orders are scheduled to maximize resource utilization and are immediately rescheduled if unforeseen events occur.

Route planning

Calculate the shortest route for transport units to their destination.
Many processes, one system. We cover all types of transport processes typically found in a warehouse or factory.


Transport material from one location to another

(Milk Runs)

Transport material from one depot to multiple locations in a single tour


Consolidate material from different locations in multiple zones


Pick material from multiple locations
One-time configuration of what needs to be taken into account when processing your orders. Everything else is automated, reducing manual effort.

Order Dependency Configuration

Define how to process your orders, e.g. criteria on the grouping of customer orders to batches

Automatic Order Generation

When necessary, orders are automatically generated to ensure uninterrupted operations

Manual Order Generation

In case it is required, our users are still in control and can create orders manually
Always one step ahead: Full overview of the current state of all orders at any time.

Status & Progress

Find out how far orders are processed and when they will arrive at their destination


Get notified about delays immediately to prevent adverse effects on your operations

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