Intralogistik von übermorgen

Sie meinen, man kann die Zukunft der Intralogistik nicht voraussagen? Wir sehen das ganz rational: „Die Zukunft ist nicht ungewisser als die Gegenwart.“ Denn welche Faktoren die globale Intralogistik in Zukunft beeinflussen, lesen wir bereits heute an aktuellen Entwicklungen ab:
Holistische Optimierung
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Making intralogistics future-proof: Stay connected

It doesn't matter where you are on your digitization journey: We support you throughout the entire process of integrating our software with your ERP, WMS or WES.

In order to have resilient intralogistics in the future, you need standards and not a patchwork quilt. The SYNAOS IMP bundles and synchronizes all its resources in real time and integrates “blind” assets such as forklifts.

Everything from a single source
Ready to go

SYNAOS offers you as a partner for your intralogistics Everything from a single source. Not only do we have a central control center, but we can also use VDA 5050 to the largest partner network access hardware manufacturers. We integrate your assets such as traffic lights, shutters and safety measures. We can also integrate and localize existing manual vehicles (such as forklifts).


Set yourself seamless interplay of all your systems and devices - from AGVs to roller doors to advanced warehouse management systems. With our SYNAOS IMP This is becoming a reality. We believe that efficiency and productivity go hand in hand. That is why we have developed a platform that not only enables but also standardizes communication between different technologies.

Our interoperability solutions ensure that your workflows are optimized, errors minimized, lost time and become scalable for the future. By integrating disparate technologies and standards into a single, user-friendly interface, we offer a future where adaptation and innovation are effortless. Boost your operational efficiency and stay flexible with our leading interoperability solution.


Together with you, we analyse your requirements, your current systems and processes to identify areas that can be improved to increase efficiency and productivity. Our experts help you select and implement the latest technologies that work seamlessly with your existing systems.

We'll help you optimize your workflow to minimize lost time and maximize accuracy. In a constantly changing world, we advise you on flexible and scalable solutionsthat can adapt to your organization's future needs.

Our services don't end with implementation. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure that your team is able to utilize the full potential of your intralogistics. What this process looks like You can see here.


In a fast-paced business world, the ability to adapt to changing conditions and grow is essential. Our SYNAOS IMP is designed to grow with your business.

From small adjustments to major scaling steps — we ensure that your intralogistics always keep pace. We rely on modular technologies that can be easily extended or modified. This enables smooth scaling without disrupting existing systems.

Let us do your intralogistics together Take it to the next level and create intralogistics that can continue to grow smoothly with your company.

Seven mobile robots
from seven manufacturers

Truly heterogeneous, vendor-neutral fleets are a decisive step towards holistically optimized intralogistics. The technology used today and the specific needs of customers are dynamic and are constantly evolving. The ability to upgrade and expand fleets over time is therefore crucial.
This is the core of the SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform. No other software on the market is able to operate such a variety of mobile robots while also supporting completely flexible routes and orders.
Watch our world record on VDMA AGV mesh up at IFOY 2022.

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