Intralogistics Management Platform

The industry-leading software to orchestrate your mobile robots, warehouse workers and vehicles.
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"As an e-commerce company, it is particularly important for us to manage our order flow efficiently and without major disruptions. From the first contact we were completely convinced by SYNAOS' unique intralogistics approach. We are certain that the introduction of state-of-the-art processes, already proven in the automotive industry, will revolutionize our e-commerce business. We strongly believe in SYNAOS' vision and are excited to be part of this journey as a first mover."
Thilo Haas
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"The increasing number of projects and complexity in the area of automated guided vehicles makes standardization across all our global locations necessary. SYNAOS has already impressively proven its performance with its AI-based software for intralogistics at other customers. In addition to the performance of SYNAOS IMP, the know-how and passion of the SYNAOS team convinced us."
Harald Gärtner
ZF Group
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SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform: a completely new technology which revolutionizes your intralogistics

Today, most intralogistics processes are broken. Transport units are operated by a multitude of insufficient and incompatible vendor IT systems. Human operators, manual and automated vehicles are not integrated. Information flow is limited and important data not considered.
The Intralogistics Management Platform by SYNAOS connects all relevant resources, organizes and optimizes all processes holistically based on the constantly changing environment on your store floor.

It is time to significantly increase the efficiency of your intralogistics. What are you waiting for?
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Demo-on-Demand-Video ansehen

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The SYNAOS IMP in use at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) is used by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to control and coordinate the world's largest VDA 5050 fleet. Currently, this fleet comprises more than 125 vehicles from different vehicle categories, including automated tugger trains and under-run automated guided vehicles in various sizes.

This autonomous fleet of mobile robots serves a wide variety of logistics scenarios, including just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries. With currently about 2,500 automated transport orders per day, more than 200,000 km of routes have been covered automatically since the start of the project in 2021, with 130,000 km covered in the last 10 months alone.

The core skills of
The IMS.

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management System powers all facets of intralogistics operations. New implementations can be realized in record time and heterogenous fleets easily expanded – without vendor lock-in.

Efficiency gains like you have never seen before

We take a completely new approach to optimization leading to unheard increases in overall efficiency. Our patented algorithms consider all data hollistically and continuosly adapt to the dynamic environment on your shop floor.
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Without SYNAOS
Holistic, adaptive & continuos – our order optimization looks for the best solution up to 250 000 times per second.
Die derzeitigen Lösungen planen nicht vorausschauend. Eingehende Aufträge werden einfach einer gerade verfügbaren Ressource zugewiesen.

The only truly
resource-independent platform

True resource independence means being able to orchestrate all relevant resources on your shop floor. That includes manually guided vehicles as well as AGVs, humans and other shop floor assets.
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Always available. Infinitely scalable. Highly customizable.

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform is based on the latest cloud technology, ensuring 24/7 availability and virtually unlimited scalability.
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Super fast commissioning
Seamless continuous updates without negative impact on shop floor operations
Security by design based on the latest industry standards
We create and maintain your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your processes
Very easy to scale up operations as your business grows
Security by default from the world's largest cloud providers

Enterprise software
designed for humans

We follow a user-oriented approach and regularly evaluate or improve our user interface based on user feedback. This is how we make the use of the SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform particularly intuitive.
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Industry-leading user experience

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform is known for its intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use interface.

Fast, faster, fastest

Our Intralogistics Management Platform is resource-efficient and runs on any desktop that can run a modern browser.

Easily accessible and widely applicable

We place great importance on developing a product that is easy to use for people with color blindness or similar conditions.

Based on constant customer feedback

We hold regular feedback sessions which we use to constantly improve the experience for our users.

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Mobile Robot Partners

We supported VDA 5050 before other companies even knew what VDA 5050 actually was. With the SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform, you choose the hardware you need and expand your fleet as you see fit.

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