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Industry-leading material flow orchestration with mobile robots, forklifts, and people.

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Mobile Robot
Fleet Management

Unite AGVs and AMRs from any manufacturer under a single intelligent SYNAOS canopy. Experience effortless orchestration with our multibrand, VDA 5050-compatible platform.

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Optimize your material flow by integrating and operating your personnel, equipment, and industrial trucks in one platform.

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Forklift Guidance

Automated Task Management for Forklifts: The Forklift Guidance System enables precise control of forklifts through AI-driven instructions, optimizing internal transport processes and minimizing implementation effort.

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Our Real-time Localization brings every transport unit into the digital age. Any vehicle, only power and internet access needed.

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Intralogistics Software:
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Largest multi-vendor VDA 5050 fleet


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Mobile robot partners worldwide

Intelligent optimization is the heartbeat of modern intralogistics

Elevate your intralogistics into a formidable competitive advantage with our groundbreaking optimization platform. Leveraging patented AI algorithms, we transform your entire material flow system— analyzing, adapting, and optimizing in real-time to the unique rhythms of your shop floor.
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Intralogistics that just works?
We’ve got you covered!

Reduce errors, maximize flexibility and shop floor adaptability with one platform. Manage a diverse fleet across vendors effortlessly, ensuring the perfect fit for your evolving needs.

Integrate all kinds of equipment such as machines, gates and sensors into the operation.

A dynamic route planning system that reacts to real-time data from the shop floor and thus avoids blockages and bottlenecks to ensure the most efficient material flow possible.

Realize unparalleled efficiency with SYNAOS IMP’s real-time optimization. Tailor order assignments and routing against operational constraints, enhancing resource use and minimizing delays.

Gain complete visibility with SYNAOS IMP. Monitor operations, track orders, and manage devices through an intuitive web interface. Our notification center alerts you to issues before they escalate, with manual override options for unmatched control.

SYNAOS in a nutshell

Patented AI-powered optimization

Scalable & Flexible

Enterprise level support and service

Designed for Complexity (for use cases in automotive, pharma...)

Industry leading partner network

User centric by design

The largest partner network in the industry

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See case study

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The SYNAOS IMP in use at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

What our customer say

"The increasing number of projects and complexity in the area of automated guided vehicles makes standardization across all our global locations necessary. SYNAOS has already impressively proven its performance with its AI-based software for intralogistics at other customers. In addition to the performance of SYNAOS IMP, the know-how and passion of the SYNAOS team convinced us."
Harald Gärtner
ZF Group
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"As an e-commerce company, it is particularly important for us to manage our order flow efficiently and without major disruptions. From the first contact we were completely convinced by SYNAOS' unique intralogistics approach. We are certain that the introduction of state-of-the-art processes, already proven in the automotive industry, will revolutionize our e-commerce business. We strongly believe in SYNAOS' vision and are excited to be part of this journey as a first mover."
Thilo Haas
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