Our Vehicle & Operator Management guides everything on your shop floor

Highly efficient intralogistics relies on the seamless use of transport vehicles in combination with optimal operator guidance. Our Vehicle & Operator Management combines the strengths of human operators, industrial trucks and mobile robots in a manufacturer-independent way to take your operations to the next level.
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Main benefits

Manage all your transport resources and operators in one system
No more need for separated operating areas for different kind of transport resources
Combine any kind of resources and vendors to get the best out of your operations
Easily expand your fleet based on your needs

How it works

One system, one store floor, encompassing all your people and resources. The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform always helps you make the smartest decisions.


Manage all your transport vehicles and robots in one system.


Thanks to the hardware being independent from the core, any kind of mobile robot can be controlled via the VDA5050 interface.

Industrial Trucks

Integration of industrial trucks is made possible through our Operator Apps & Real-time Localization.
Traffic Management
The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform anticipates traffic situations, forecasts problems and therefore avoids conflicts that may otherwise result from bottlenecks or forecasting problems.
Energy Management
The SYNAOS Energy Management intelligently plans charging phases that protect batteries and take vehicle-specific charging behavior and energy consumption into account. Your fleet is kept in good shape as rechargeable batteries are managed for optimal performance and lifespan.
Emergency Management
Peace of mind: In the event of an emergency, your people are safe and vehicles are automatically directed to specific locations
Operator guidance
Adds efficiency, consistency and quality control to your material flow by making sure operators are always working on the most important task and have exactly what they need at the right time.

Line Runner App

For some transport processes AGVs need human assistance for (un-)loading. Our App tells your people were to go.

Driver App

Optimizing the routes of industrial trucks by showing operators their next task and best route to get there.

Warehouse App

Showing people the best way through your warehouse to complete storage, relocation, store and pick jobs as efficiently as possible.
Error Management
Error Management helps you quickly resolve any issues that may arise on your shopfloor.


Simple transports of goods from one location to another using any transport resource


Ensure that goods arrive in the correct order at the workplace to be processed sequentially


Ensure that goods arrive just when they are needed. Not a second too early, not a second too late


Tugger trains that bring materials from a central station to many different working stations

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