Our Storage Management makes keeping track of your inventory a breeze

Do you question the accuracy of your inventory levels? Are you confronted with changing supply chain requirements and compliance regulations? Our Storage Management addresses these common challenges and creates a real-time warehouse environment that you can trust.
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Main benefits

always up-to-date
Ensures that your product inventory and stock levels are always up to date and in line with compliance regulations.
seamless integration
Integrates seamlessly with your existing business management system so you don't have to replicate systems or procedures.

How it works

From one door to another: With our Storage Management, we have developed a door-to-door solution for use in a wide range of different warehouses.


Up-to-the-second overview of stock levels and generation of orders based on stock levels (e.g. replenishment orders). Our Inventory is fully customisable into different storage types (High Rack, Pick Tower), bay configurations and capable of restricting storage of load carriers or items based on specific parameters (e.g. fire safety, dimensions).

Stock Count

Compliance with regulatory requirements giving you peace of mind.

Reports, Analyses & Insights

Optimizing the routes of industrial trucks by showing operators their next task and best route to get there.

Storage Rules

Showing people the best way through your warehouse to complete storage, relocation, store & pick jobs as efficiently as possible.
The ability to adapt and control business processes at your site. The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform optimizes your processes to ensure that your site runs smoothly.






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