Our Asset Control
fine-tunes the movements of people and vehicles on your shop floor

Holistic control of intralogistics processes requires the consideration of all relevant assets on the shopfloor. Our Asset Control not only handles their current status, but also takes over control if needed.
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Main benefits

Uploading and updating of assets allows quick reaction to possible errors
one overview
Complete view of all assets, their state and location
holistic optimization
Integration of already established assets into holistic intralogistics operations process of SYNAOS
Real-time data
Use real-time shopfloor data

How it works

Manage and control all relevant assets on your shopfloor. Besides monitoring the current states, the system enables automatic and manual control of the assets, to guarantee a holistic logistics operation.


Integration von Assets
Integrieren Sie die Assets Ihrer Werkshalle in SYNA.OS Logistics. Mittels Sensorunterstützung bilden Sie die Realität auf Ihrem Shopfloor bestens ab und überwachen lückenlos die Bewegung von Fahrzeugen und Personen (z.B. Ampeln, Ampelschaltung).

So optimiert SYNA.OS LOGISTICS die intralogistischen Prozesse, indem es nicht nur den Zustand dieser Assets berücksichtigt, sondern sie auch zur Steuerung von Fahrzeugen, Gütern und Personen nutzt.


Integration von Assets
Integrate all shopfloor assets into the SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) in order to better reflect the reality on the store floor (sensors) and to control the movement of vehicles and people on the shopfloor (traffic lights, put-to-light).

This allows the SYNAOS IMP to optimize intralogistics processes by not only taking into account the state of these assets but using them to manipulate the movement of vehicles, items and people.

Featured assets

Conveyor systems
Using the Asset Control of the SYNAOS IMP, you will be able to control conveyor systems regardless of manufacturer by integrating open APIs that will allow you to move items or load carriers from A to B, while at the same time receiving continuous updates on their locations.
Full flexibility and no vendor lock-in.
Traffic lights
Traffic assets, such as traffic lights, are required to ensure safe transport for autonomous vehicles and all other traffic participants on the shopfloor. Traffic light signals can be changed based on vehicles' movements to let other traffic participants know what to expect/how to behave. This helps to prevent accidents between controlled vehicles and other traffic participants.
Prevent accidents and prioritize the flow of movement on your shopfloor
Worker guidance systems
With the SYNAOS IMP, worker guidance systems - such as put-to-light systems - can be easily integrated and controlled to support workers with their everyday tasks. The use of worker guidance systems heavily decreases errors and increases ergonomics and efficiency.
Prevent accidents and prioritize the flow of movement on your shop floor
Emergency detectors
Different emergency asset states - for example third party fire alarm or sprinkler systems and fire doors - are received, which allows for automatically triggered, predefined emergency behavior.
Emergency messages are taken into account and acted upon immediately, keeping your people and vehicles safe.
Automatic storage
By controlling AS and AR systems an elaborated/enhanced transportation flow to and from storage areas is enabled, freeing up operator resources.
Benefit from the space savings that AS & R technologies provide

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