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Optimize your material flow by integrating and operating your personnel, equipment, and industrial trucks in one platform.
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Save time &

Reduce delays and increase capacity for same-day and next-day deliveries


Increase worker satisfaction through clear instructions


Reduced training time due to intuitive operator app


Reduction of the error rate due to clear processes

Warehouse Execution

As a Warehouse Execution, the SYNAOS IMP is manufacturer-independent and controls all material flow techniques, intralogistic processes and their operators -
whether on foot or with industrial trucks.
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The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) provides customer-independent, multi-level picking by batching and consolidating customer orders. Orders are broken up and allocated to different resources and then reassembled at a consolidation point. Batches can consider any number and combination of factors like shipping cut-off times or priority customers and contain a number of complete customer orders (single or multiple-item batches).
Reduction of order processing time
Shorter transport routes
Higher employee satisfaction and health


SYNAOS IMP provides end-to-end visibility of the material flow in your warehouse. Our real-time inventory control lets you know what's in stock, where it's coming from, where it's located, and where it's going.
More insight into warehouse utilisation
Identification of bottlenecks and process problems
Increasing throughput and maximising resource efficiency


SYNAOS IMP provides real-time, event-driven optimization of your order allocation to meet customer requirements and maximize warehouse performance. Our platform continuously optimizes your operation taking into account specific constraints such as lead times and resource availability as well as real-time data from operator apps, store floor assets (conveyors, AS&R) and inventory status.
Increase resource utilisation
Reduction of additional resources
Increasing performance and customer satisfaction

Holistic Intralogistics

The SYNAOS IMP treats your warehouse as one organism without differentiating between common warehouse processes. While most systems treat inbound and outbound processes separately, our holistic approach improves resource utilization through put-away, picking, consolidating, relocation and inventory tasks.
Easy processing of large amounts of data
Reduction of idle time of the employees
Exceeds the limits of conventional storage systems

Seamless integration

Integrates seamlessly with existing ERP, replacing all lower systems.

Incredibly versatile

Management of all common vendors and types of conveyors and storage technology, such as high rack warehouses, pick towers, automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS&RS), pick-by-light/put-to-light, and many others.

High compatibility

Support for all common workflows: basic automation, hybrid automation-workforce configurations, and complex fully-automated operations.

Always available. Infinitely scalable. Highly customizable.

The SYNAOS IMP is based on the newest cloud technology, ensuring 24/7 availability & practically unlimited scalability.
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Super fast commissioning
Continuous updates without negative impact on shopfloor operations
Fixes deployed without much fuss; 2nd & 3rd level support are included
We create and maintain your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your processes
Very easy to scale up operations as your business grows
Security by default from the world's largest cloud providers


Process excellence, an optimal and clear order assignment to all available resources.
Reducing delays and increase capacity for same-day and next-day deliveries.
Replacing existing enterprise tailored (multi-vendor) WMS solutions and black boxes.
Increase in worker satisfaction, due to clear work instructions.
Being hosted in the cloud, available as SaaS, saving valuable time of your internal IT while being constantly upgraded with new features.
Reduction of error rates, due to clear processes
Enabling fast integration and operation due to low effort in integration of existing IT landscape.

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform:
A new class of technology,
that enhances your intralogistics.

The Intralogistics Management Platform by SYNAOS connects all relevant resources, orchestrates and optimizes all processes holistically based on the constantly changing environment on your shopfloor. With our platform approach, you can assemble the right skills and capabilities to create a customized solution and dramatically increase your intralogistics efficiency.
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