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Optimize your material flow by integrating and operating your AGVs and AMRs in one platform.
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Steuerung einer heterogenen Flotte von AGVs/AMRs in einem System


Freedom to combine vehicles from any vendor


Continuously finds the best possible outcome

Mobile Robot Fleet Management

SYNAOS' Mobile Robot Fleet Management is manufacturer-independent and orchestrates your heterogeneous fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Vendor independence

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) uses the standardized VDA5050 interface to control AGVs and AMRs from different vendors, giving you the flexibility to assemble a fleet of vehicles that fits your requirements. With our vendor-agnostic control station, you can react much better to the changing conditions on your shopfloor.
Seamless integration of different manufacturers through VDA5050
Incredibly fast integration of new AGVs and AMRs
No commitment to a specific manufacturer
These vendors trust in SYNAOS

Traffic management

The SYNAOS IMP offers integrated traffic management to control the flow of traffic along the routes and avoid blockage situations.
Traffic flow without programming effort
Efficient use of the hall layout
Interaction with different factory equipment


The SYNAOS IMP offers real-time, event-driven optimization of your order assignment to meet customer demands and maximize output. Holistic and continuous optimization against specific constraints like cut-off times and order sequences.
Increase resource utilisation
Reduction of delays
Increase in overall performance

Route planning

The SYNAOS IMP calculates the optimal route for each vehicle to achieve the best material flow possible. Our Route Optimization takes into account real-time events collected from store floor assets like sensors and traffic lights in order to avoid deadlocks and bottlenecks.
Optimal movement of the vehicles
Increased efficiency
Event-driven instead of static planning


The SYNAOS IMP offers views for monitoring the status on the store floor, order tracking and device management via a web-based user interface. All vehicle, order and device messages and warnings are visualized via a comprehensive notification center. In addition, functions for manual intervention as well as commissioning and request-based emergency mechanisms are included.
Visibility of what is happening in your workshop
Early warning of potential problems
Possibility to take over manual control if required

Always available. Infinitely scalable. Highly customizable.

The SYNAOS IMP is based on the newest cloud technology, ensuring 24/7 availability & practically unlimited scalability.
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Super fast commissioning
Continuous updates without negative impact on shopfloor operations
Fixes deployed without much fuss; 2nd & 3rd level support are included
We create and maintain your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your processes
Very easy to scale up operations as your business grows
Security by default from the world's largest cloud providers


Process excellence, an optimal and clear order assignment to all available resources.
Control a heterogenous fleet of AGVs/AMRs in one system, on one shop floor.
Vendor independence that gives you the freedom to combine any type of resources to get the most out of your operation.
Jump start your automation efforts with our efficient and quick commissioning process.
Event-driven optimization approach continuously finds the best possible outcome for your operation.
Profit from only one central IT integration, saving time and resources while being available through the cloud on every mobile device.

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform:
A new class of technology,
that enhances your intralogistics.

The Intralogistics Management Platform by SYNAOS connects all relevant resources, orchestrates and optimizes all processes holistically based on the constantly changing environment on your shopfloor. With our platform approach, you can assemble the right skills and capabilities to create a customized solution and dramatically increase your intralogistics efficiency.
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