The SYNAOS customer onboarding:
Implementing SYNAOS IMP in 5 phases

Ready to efficiently digitize your intralogistics with our SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP)? Benefit from our customer onboarding, which is both structured and flexible.
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This is what you can expect:
Our onboarding phases

During customer onboarding, our Professional Services team supports you during all phases and works with you to develop solutions for your individual questions. We are happy to assist you in all phases or just in individual elements of the setup — the decision is up to you. In an initial kick-off meeting, we will discuss all relevant points with you.

Stage 1: Process clarification

In the first phase of onboarding, a kick-off workshop takes place with all stakeholders to identify the necessary requirements for the SYNAOS IMP. Your processes, workarounds and system interfaces as well as higher-level order systems (ERP/ WMS, etc.) are examined and documented. The aim is to create a uniform understanding of all processes and requirements and to start a working mode together.

Stage 2: Planning and implementation

In addition to project and schedule preparation, planning and implementation also includes Hardware Partner Onboarding instead of. We support you in all phases of VDA 5050 onboardingswhen necessary. Together, open points and individual Operational features discussed in order to ensure a smooth start-up process. We also prepare for youPrepare training courses so that you can deal with The SYNAOS IMP be trained.

Stage 3: Starting up the SYNAOS IMP

In this phase, we make the SYNAOS IMP available to our customers. Whether on your infrastructure or as software as a service — we are sure to find the right path for successful operation. In this phase, connection tests are carried out accordingly with all external interfaces (MQTT broker, order system, etc.) are carried out. We follow a two-stage staging concept with a Q and a P environment. As one of our guarantees of success, we can also offer virtual insurance. It feels as if you are sitting in your future control center and are already Implementing your processes automatically from A-B. All necessary assets on your shop floor, such as charging stations, transfer stations, traffic lights, elevators etc. are integrated into the card and material flows are fed in and communication with the vehicles is established. Our training method is based on the “on the job training” aspect, so you can participate proactively during testing.

Stage 4: testing

During the test phase, all processes are tested on your shop floor. All assets, vehicles and communication interfaces are scrutinized to ensure reliable and productive operation. All test scenarios are documented and in different cases the system configurations are readjusted. We will also discuss our 3rd-level support structure with you in order to ensure the best possible support for you on an ongoing basis.

Stage 5: Project handover

This phase is about reflecting on the entire project and bringing the project into operation. The project report, which user manual, all process documentation and Training materials will be handed over to you.
Unser Onboarding ist strukturiert und einfach gestaltet. Während des Prozesses stellen wir unseren Partnern wertvolle Dokumente und Tools zur Verfügung. Da wir ein SaaS-Unternehmen sind, überlassen wir unseren Partnern via Cloud eine Test-Instanz unserer Plattform zum Ausprobieren der VDA 5050-Implementierung mit Simulatoren und echten Fahrzeugen. Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss des Onboarding-Prozesses lassen sich die Fahrzeuge mühelos in Kundenprojekte einbinden. Darüber hinaus sind wir immer auf der Suche nach gemeinsamen Projekten und evaluieren mit unseren Partnern gemeinsame Vertriebsaktivitäten.
Wir wissen, wovon wir sprechen: SYNAOS war vom ersten Tag an in der Arbeitsgruppe zur Entwicklung des VDA 5050 aktiv. Jetzt unterstützen wir neue AGV-Partner und binden sie mit unserem Onboarding-Programm unter Anwendung des Kommunikationsstandards VDA 5050 an unsere Plattform an. Und das in nur wenigen Wochen! Damit das Onboarding Ihrer Partner auf unserer Plattform auf Basis der VDA 5050 reibungslos und fehlerfrei verläuft, haben wir einen strukturierten Prozess entwickelt. Diese neun Schritte durchlaufen und testen wir gemeinsam.

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