application process.

We want to make sure that we are a perfect match. That's why we want you to get to know us as well as possible right from the start. We look forward to hearing from you.
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01. Recruiter Interview.

Our recruiters will respond to you if your application has caught our attention. This interview stage is designed to help us learn more about your work experience and skills, while also providing you with an opportunity to get to know SYNAOS. Got any questions? Ask away!

02. Technical Interview.

After the Recruiter Interview, you will be invited to a Technical Interview to speak with a member of your potential team. During this stage, we will discuss your current projects and explore how you can contribute to the success of SYNAOS. We will also provide you with further details about the role you are applying for and assess any technical skills that are necessary to excel in that role.

03. Die Expert Session.

In order to ensure a great match on both a personal and professional level, we will invite you to an Expert Session. This stage will involve completing a task prior to the Expert Session which you will then present during the Expert Session. You will get to spend time with your potential team members, which allows you to showcase your skills, passion, and personality. Come as you are and be yourself. We are thrilled to see you in action and look forward to working with you!

04. Management Interview.

As a final step, we provide you with the opportunity to chat with your future head-off or one of our three founders. Please note that this step is not always necessary, and our recruitment process is flexible to meet each candidate's unique needs. We will keep you informed throughout the process and are excited about the prospect of working with you.


Congratulations! You have convinced us to be the right fit for the position and SYNAOS is welcoming its new SYNASIAN. We now want to ensure that you’re off to an excellent start at SYNAOS and this next phase of your career!

The onboarding process is not part of the interview stages and designed to support your transition into your new job and team. We regularly host team events and would love to see you at our next one.

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