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Leaders from various industries are using the SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform to bring their intralogistics to the next level. Take a look at some of our favorite success stories.
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Successful JIS delivery with<span class="red-text">MLR</span>

In the vast plant of a German OEM, they hum along the driving paths almost silently. Their LED lights reflect on the smooth hall floor: 205 mobile robots from manufacturer MLR transport components within the extensive halls as part of the production-critical material supply to the workstations on the production line – Just-In-Sequence and around the clock.

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A partner you can <span class="red-text">trust</span>

About the well-organised VDA 5050 introduction process. As part of a large customer project, SYNAOS supported Götting KG in the introduction of the VDA 5050 interface - with great success.

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World record at <span class="red-text">Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles</span>

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management Platform (IMP) is used by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to control and coordinate the world's largest VDA 5050 fleet.

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The warehouse of <span class="red-text">the future</span>

How Connox implemented SYNAOS' Warehouse Execution in its new warehouse in Laatzen.

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Plug & Produce: Fast proof of concept at the <span class ="red-text">MAN Digital Production Lab</span>

How our cloud-based SaaS approach minimized setup time and led to a quick proof of concept. The MAN Digital Production Lab in Munich needed an immediately available solution for placing orders with AGVs and AMRs: The Intralogistics Management Platform from SYNAOS.

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